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Are you looking for Statement of Purpose Samples? SoP Samples for MBA? SoP Samples for MS, Undergraduate, or Ph.D. courses in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc? 

SoP Samples And Formats

To be very honest, there are hundreds of websites where you can find Statement of Purpose Samples for MBA in Marketing, Human Resources, SoP samples for the MS in CS (Computer Science), Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, or other examples of Statement of Purpose that you want in any course or program that you are desirous of pursuing.

It is true that samples can provide an idea of how the Statement of Purpose should be. Candidates who would like to attempt creating the Statement on their own will really get an understanding how it should be written, what things need to be explained, how it should be structured, what the admission looks at in a Statement, Admission Essay or Letter of Intent, etc. 

SoP Samples 

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Statement of Purpose Samples

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SoP Samples for MBA

Differences Between SoP and LoM

There is some level of confusion that is often found among candidates who are desirous of studying abroad. There are some universities where they are expected to submit a SoP as a part of the college or university admission process whereas other colleges or universities ask for the LoM (Letter of Motivation). 

sop samples for MS

We would like to make it all very clear that these two are different terms and convey just the same thing. Yes, you do not have to think hard about it. There is no rocket science in it. In your Letter of Motivation, you explain what actually has been the force of motivation for you, what has actually prodded you to take this course, and what do you expect in terms of career opportunities after completion of the course. 

sop samples for ms in electrical engineering

Similarly, in your SoP, you talk about the course you are applying to and why have you picked it too. Of course, you will also be talking about what has motivated you to apply for the course.

In simple words, SoP and LoM are just one and the same when it comes to explaining the purpose or motivation. But, the format, the style of writing SoP, or the LoM may differ. There can be a lot of difference in the way you create a Letter of Intent or Statement of Purpose. 

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