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SoP Writing Format: Common Mistakes

If you are a student who aspires to study in an esteemed university of your choice then it is imperative that you submit a statement of purpose while seeking admission. A statement of purpose gives an overview of your personality, your achievements, your aspirations, and how the university can help you achieve them. It can make or break your chances of acceptance. Thus, it is important that you avoid any mistakes while writing the SoP and improve your chances of getting accepted.

In this article, we are going to point out the most common mistakes that a candidate can make and how to avoid them.

Dull first impression: It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. When you begin writing your statement of purpose, try to make the introduction impactful which will grab the reader's attention. Most applicants fail to make a dynamic impression on the admission committee and tend to get rejected. Make sure to start your statement of purpose with a quote or a line that sums up your aspirations and personality perfectly.

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Use of vernacular language: Always keep in mind that the reader is not your friend. Your statement will be read by a panel of well-qualified professionals who will judge you on your ability to communicate effectively. Use a polite and sincere tone to convey your aspirations. While attempting to seem professional, do not end up using complex words that you are unfamiliar with. Use correct grammar and keep your paragraphs concise.

Go beyond the word limit: Most applicants tend to get excited and exceed the word limit provided by the university. Sometimes this mistake can get your application rejected. Always make sure to write with the given word limit and you can contact the admissions office for any query related to the word limit. Most universities ask for a word limit of 500-1000 words. So while writing your statement, keep in mind that a long essay will not interest the readers at all.

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Impertinent information: Most applicants get rejected because of indulging in the information that is useless to the admission committee. The purpose of a statement of purpose is to convey your academic experience, your long and short-term goals, and your aspirations. Do not deviate from the point and include irrelevant information about your life. Do not make the statement solely about yourself instead try to relate your aspirations with the university and the facilities they provide.

Dishonesty: A fabricated statement of purpose will be rejected first and foremost. The admission committee expects correct and true information from you, so do not makeup facts and stories. Chances are that the admission committee will contact your previous academic institutions for proof of all the activities and academics you have written in your statement. Providing fake and incorrect information can get you rejected and permanently blacklisted. Always keep in mind that being truthful and honest at all times is the right path to choose.

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Insufficient editing: Editing your statement of purpose is absolutely important to get accepted. Most applicants fail to recognize its importance and submit their statements without editing and proofreading. Editing your statement can make sure that you avoid grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. You can keep a check on any repeated sentences or mismatched sentences. You can also give your statement to a professional for proofreading to receive honest feedback from them.

Using technical jargon: Most applicants use excessive technical terms and jargon related to their subjects. This is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. Your statements will be read by the admission committee who are not as technically informed. Do not include a lot of technical terms as this can make them feel confused and disinterested in your statement. Use a sufficient amount of jargon to explain your motives and academic performance.

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Flattering the University: Applicants waste a lot of their time and words on flattering the university excessively. Statement of purpose is submitted to convey your goals and aspirations, do not make it an advertisement of the university. Keep in mind to write a sufficient amount of praise for the university by stating about their renowned faculty or research opportunities you would like to work under. This will show that you have done thorough research before applying.