How SOP Created Using GPT or Other AI Writing Tools Can Ruin Your College/University Admission?

 The Detrimental Impact of AI-Driven Statement of Purpose. This article explains how AI writing tools or AI writing assistance applications can ruin your university admission chances? 

I am confident you must have heard of Chat GPT. It first made its headline in November 2022. 

Well, let me be very honest. It is good. It is damn good! It works well. The future of AI is certainly bright. We can assume our brains to stop taking on human creativity but AI tools may continue to evolve, improving and strengthening artificial creativity. 

AI Writing Tools To Create SOP

But, AI has its limitations too! There is nothing wrong with using an AI tool to get some inspiration. But, depending on it to create a SOP (statement of purpose) for university admission will not work. It might reduce your chances of getting admission to a university of your choice. Yes, that is right. 

How Creating A SOP (Statement of Purpose) Using An AI Tool Like ChatGPT Can Breakdown Your University Admission Chances?

It is certainly simple to create a statement of purpose (SOP) using ChatGPT. If you Google out or use YouTube, you can find plenty of resources. There are some YouTubers who might explain to you how it can be used to create a personal statement, a letter of recommendation, a curriculum vitae, an admission essay, or a statement of purpose. You will get to know almost all the things that you might need to apply to a university of your choice in any country. A step-by-step guide and plenty of promises might ultimately build confidence in you. You may feel encouraged to use such an AI Writing tool (popularly termed an Online SOP Generator). 

You log onto ChatGPT, or a similar tool you must have found interesting or got inspired by. You employ all the strategies you have learned online. You do everything as your so-called influencer on YouTube has told you. Spend a lot of time, framing it as quickly as you can. Yes, it will be time-saving. 

How ChatGPT can create a SOP? 

If the user asks ChatGPT to create a statement of purpose for a student who has completed his/her bachelor’s degree in technology with a major in computer science and engineering and who wishes to apply for a master’s degree in business analytics, it starts working on it. The first version might provide some glimpses of tech skills and passion that a user might find interesting. The next step would be to provide suggestions and the SOP generating tool will work on given suggestions to produce content that might resonate with the user’s profile. 

Free SOP Maker Online

But, do you think it is working for you? The final output might look promising to you. A feeling of pride will embrace you. You feel happy you have got the SOP using your reliable SOP generator online and that you can apply to any university in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Australia, or any other country.

But, wait. Do you know SOP you create using Chat GPT or any other AI tool is still considered a PLAGIARISED SOP? Yes, that is the fact you should know first. 

What are the AI Writing Tools To Create a Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

Some of the common SOP Generators Online or AI Writing Tools are as follows:, Text Blaze, Writesonic, QuillBot, Inc., Anyword, ProWritingAid, HyperWrite, WordAi, Notion, and HubSpot. 

These AI tools are good for getting inspired but they may produce content that is labeled as COPIED Content or PLAGIARISED Content. Some people also are inspired by the idea of using Grammarly as an AI writing tool but the result would be content that is not suitable for the SOP.  

What Are The Tools To Detect Plagiarism In SOP Created By Using ChatGPT And Other AI Writing Applications? 

Some of the most popular or reliable plagiarism detection tools are as follows: ZeroGPT, GPTRadar, Originally.AI, GPTZero, AI Detector Pro, GPTKit, and CopyLeaks. These tools can be used to detect plagiarism in the SOP generated by the AI writing assistance tools.

Universities use the best of all plagiarism checkers, Turnitin, (ranked as the best plagiarism checker in the academic writing and research industry. We can say it never lies. If the content detected by it has plagiarism then it has). 

Why Not Use AI-Powered Free SOP Maker or SOP Generator?

The tools listed above such as ChatGPT, and others work well. They may produce content that can inspire you and guide you. You can use the content for a clue. You can use its content to learn how to structure your SOP? How to present projects you have worked on as an undergrad student? What extracurricular activities can be best described in the statement? What will be the outcome of the course? Why is this university as your destination for a master’s degree or research? Where do you see yourself in the next 2 or 3 years after your studies?

The tool will provide you with answers to all your questions. Those answers shall be used only `to get some ideas. The SOP needs to be created only using human intelligence. 

Plagiarism Checkers such as ZeroGPT and other tools can help you find plagiarism in the SOP you have created using your GPT or any other Artificial Intelligence (AI) Writing Tool. 

Universities receive thousands and lakhs of applications and SOP created using human intelligence and artificial intelligence are easily distinguished. 

Students approach us saying that they have created a sop. But, we know they have created it using an AI too. When we question them, they admit `to taking support from such a tool. But, such a draft could be helpful to learn a little about you but it can’t be called a statement of purpose. 

Why SOP with Human Intelligence is important?

Creativity is a gift. Human intelligence fuels creativity. A SOP built using human creativity will work like magic. That is for sure. It will serve its purpose. Your goal is to impress the AdCom members. You will certainly need the best SOP if you aim to get into one of the top universities such as 

  • Ivy League Universities (Harvard University, Brown, Yale, and others), or one of the top  universities such as 
  • University of London, King's College London, University of Manchester, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh, University of British Columbia
  • University of Toronto, the University of Melbourne, 
  • The Australian National University, the University of Sydney
  • Humboldt University of Berlin, Technical University of Munich, Free University of Berlin
  • University of Padua, University of Bologna, Sapienza University of Rome
  • Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Polytechnic 
  • University of Otago, University of Auckland Auckland, University of Canterbury, Lincoln University

AI Writing Tools Have Limitations

AI is growing by leaps and bounds. It is useful in various fields from healthcare to business and others. But, writing is a field that can’t be relied solely on AI. Using AI in writing may limit creativity. A tool will produce only that content that is already fed by its developers. It will respond to questions or produce replies as per its training. Limitations are in plenty. 

Grammar, choice of words, connectivity, and coherence – all may look good. But, still, an AI-created SOP can’t be compared to a SOP created by using human intelligence.  

SOP Generator Online

Some AI tools even produce meaningless content. You ask them about careers after computer science; it might provide you with an answer such as IT Team Leader, Product Analyst, or IT business analyst which specifically branches out from other tech-related courses. Some tools even show absurdity. You ask them why this university is for computer science. Replies such as “It is the only university best for computer science,” “It is a university that respects its students,” and “It is a university nestled in a tech city” will not be good enough to use for a SOP or personal statement. 

As discussed above, AI Writing Tools will produce content that will be labeled as PLAGIARISED. Any plagiarism checker you use can find plagiarised content in your SOP if you have used any AI writing tool to create it. 

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