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Applying through UCAS? You will certainly have a brilliant personal statement that can help you stand out from other applications. We are your trusted UCAS Personal Statement Writers, providing affordable and on-time UCAS Personal Statements Services. 

Creating a personal statement for UCAS Applications is tough. As an applicant, your statement is an opportunity to make a difference. How unique you are as a candidate?  Why do you deserve to be selected for a course at the university you desire? 

UCAS Personal Statements

Grades are important. But, the UCAS personal statement shall offer something more unique to readers. 

Try to come up with a good story that shall resonate with the real you! That is important. The only thing that matters the most is how memorable you can make it. Just like you, there can be 1000s of students who apply. UCAS is used by as many as 1.5 million students from all different parts of the world. If you dream of studying in the UK UCAS shall be your choice. 

UCAS Personal Statement Writers

UCAS receives millions of applications. Colleges or universities in the UK need something extra. Beyond grades. Some students do not have any idea of how the UCAS personal statement should be.  What it shall have! What it should not include? Some less knowledgeable applicants even stoop to copying. A simple search with the keyword UCAS personal statement examples or UCAS personal statement samples can bring up hundreds of sites where you can download the sample statements. To write something wonderful, inspiration is key. Samples can be used to drive some inspiration. Learn how others have done it. How it is structured? What is given more importance? Academics or Career Goals? Passion or Job Prospects? Figure out what can work for you based on the samples.

UCAS Personal Statement Writing Services 

Delve into your soul and bring up a story that truly represents you! 

UCAS Personal Statements Writers

We can make this UCAS personal statement writing process simple for you. How? We, as your SOP Writers, will create a piece of content that will help you reach your target. Trust us for all UCAS application writing services. 

How many words make up a UCAS personal statement?

A UCAS personal statement whether you are applying for an undergrad program or a post-graduate program shall have not more than 4000 characters. We stress the word “Characters” here again. These are not words. 4000 characters may come across to 550 words. Spaces are also included. So, it is important to stick to this word count. It may have around 47 lines of text. Make it a one-page statement. It will be much better. 

Can I bold text in the UCAS personal statement?

No, you shall not bold any part of the text in your statement. It is not recommended. 

Can I italicize any important sentences, word groups, or phrases in my UCAS UK university admission statement?

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The answer is no. You shall not. Even underlining the text is not suggested. Do not highlight any part of the content of your statement. 

Can I increase my word count in my UCAS personal statement?

It is not recommended. The UCAS application system is designed to take a limited number of characters. Beyond that, it won’t. 

Is plain English good for UCAS personnel statements?

Of course, experts suggest that applicants should use only plain English. It has to be simple but there shall be some uniqueness engrained into it. It shall stand out from other essays. Make it catchy with the right use of words. Add phrases, and sentences that can leave a magical impact. 

Is it important to evidence all WHYS?

It is good to back up your statement. If you say you served as a college president then providing proof of it would be important. It is good not to lie to avoid any kind of problem that might be incurred in your application journey through UCAS. 

How many days does it take to create a UCAS personal statement?

The answer depends on who is writing. If you are good at articulating your thoughts in written language, it can take a day for you to create a good personal statement. But, for a naive writer, it may take 2-3 days. Now, let us tell you a secret. Good and experienced writers believe in creating something more impactful. Something that can help students lead. Even experienced and talented writers do not mind spending 3 days or even a week to create a brilliant statement that will work its way out and help students secure their seat at a college or university they dream of. 

How many days do SOP Writers take to create a UCAS statement?

We believe in providing the best personal statement writing services. We want students who take personal statements from us shall get to their goals. We listen to stories they have. We put their stories to paper using human intelligence. Our turnback time will be one day, two days, or even three days. Duration also depends on the complexity of your story. We will come up with something more relevant as per your profile. 

UCAS Personal Statement Services

What is the rate of plagiarism accepted in the UCAS statements?

100% uniqueness is important. It shall not have any kind of plagiarism. Not even accidental plagiarism. It is always wise to check the personal statement for plagiarism using free plagiarism-checking tools available online. Or sign up for Turnitin to check for plagiarism. It is the right source for you to identify if it has any kind of copied content. 

How to structure UCAS Personal Statements?

There is no fixed format. Remember your personal statement is your opportunity to shine, outshine, and outperform yourself. Ensure that you do your best. Write persuasively. Engage your readers with informative, influential, and impressive content. You can make a start with a catchy phrase that describes you, or the purpose of your studies. If you are applying for an undergrad program or a master’s program it is good to describe your purpose at the start of the statement. 

What motivates you to enroll in a particular course? Talk about the passion that led you to make this decision to study in the UK, taking this particular course at a particular university. 

What is the need to apply for this course? Is it aligned with your previous academics? If not, provide some reasons for the shift from one course to the other. If it is relevant to your past academics, explain how higher education in a similar field can help you grow. 

UCAS Personal Statements Samples

We do not use any AI tool to craft your personal statements. No copyy-paste content. No AI-generated personal statement

What influences your decision to take this particular program? Is it connected to your future goals? How such a course will benefit you? What is it that you are infinitely proud of when it comes to achievements? What can set your university college application apart from others? 

When you trust us for UCAS personal statement writing services, you get nothing but a brilliantly crafted statement, best described as a creativity booster. That is right. It will be replete with unparalleled creativity and it will help you get admission for sure.