SoP Guidelines For The UK, USA, Canadian Universities

You need to create your Statement of Purpose as per the SoP rules or SoP Guidelines. There are many universities in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries that want you to write the statement as per the given instructions. You need to follow those instructions and if you do not your statement will be rejected. 

Generally speaking, SoP guidelines are meant to make the statement more target-oriented. You are expected to include only relevant details. You will have to be very careful in creating it (For the best SoP Writing Services, rely on SoP Writers). 

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SoP Guidelines 

Some universities may want you to submit a statement that is around 700-900 words. But, there are some universities that may ask you to submit a statement that goes up to 1200-1500 words as well. It depends more upon where you are applying to. Most of the Canadian universities accept a statement of about 900 words. That is the recommended length for the college admission essay. 

Make the statement as simple as possible. Use vocabulary that is commonly understood. You do not have to use high-sounding words (words that are difficult to understand). Make it as precise as possible. Font size shall be 12 points. You can use any font that you want. But, generally Times New Roman, Georgia, and Ariel are used. 

SoP Rules 

Give a small introduction. It shall reflect your interest in the course, and why you would like to take it. Not always needed (as not all the essays are created following this rule as each case will be different). Learn more about Statement of Purpose Samples here.  

Give information about your academics. If you have done any project during your course at the college/university, then talk about them. But, remember, if they are relevant to the course that you are applying. 

You do not have to write more than 2 small paragraphs about the projects you have done as part of your Bachelor's degree curriculum. 

When it comes to work experience you have the option to write as many as 3 little paragraphs. Describe facts and figures. But, you do not have to brag about your achievements. 

The most important thing. You can't plagiarize. Most of the candidates search for the SoP in MS Computer Science Online or SoP samples with respect to various streams such as MBA, Pharmacy, Healthcare, etc. They pick the points they like and include them in their statement. That is the biggest mistake. So, never ever plagiarize. 

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